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The Act Heard Around the World: The Act Heard Around the World!


In lieu of recent events, a team of highly trained Mishaminions has decided to begin a project of EPIC proportions.

The Act Heard Around the World will be a video project attempting to grasp the scope of the impact Misha Collins has had on our lives, and the lives of those who have benefited…

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SPN Super Hero RPS (at a wedding, with Mitt Romney…)

Yet another story from a playtest of Squick or Squee. I really wish I’d videotaped my roommate trying to tell this story because it kept changing, and I was helping, and it was pretty hilarious.  But it turned out something like this:

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are an FBI agent and a thief working together to attempt to capture an amateur superhero (who it turns out is Misha Collins with teleportation powers).  What Jared doesn’t know is that Jensen actually has deduced the identity of the hero and is kind of lusting after Misha - who hasn’t even noticed they’re chasing him because he’s too busy chasing after the country’s biggest super villain, Mitt Romney…  But then Jared finds out that Jensen has been lying, and it’s only the discovery that Misha has successfully defeated Romney that leads him to a change of heart. 

(At this point I said, “What about the wedding?”  And she said, “It all takes place at a wedding.”  We then decided it was Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson’s wedding because Stephanie Meyer was invited and Mitt Romney was her plus one.)

Again, if anyone wants to actually write any of these fics, I’ll make you an official playtester. :)  In the meantime, find out more about Squick or Squee!

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