Love card/board games? Love fan fiction? Me too!

I’m all wrapped up in designing a fan fiction storytelling card game, and hoping to get some feedback and help.  Click here for a document with a list of the cards, soliciting more suggestions. 

Squick or Squee is a storytelling card game in which the players construct fan fiction stories by using common genre tropes and filling in their own favorite characters and elements!  Shuffle cards in or leave them out based on whether you’re feeling like wizards, space travelers, paranormal hunters, detectives, or heroes.  Play competitively where you race to complete the best story first, or collaboratively where you each contribute elements to a single masterpiece.  Just beware of the rabid plot bunnies that will result!

I have no idea if this will get to a place where I can put it out in the world in some form for other people to play it, but that would be kind of awesome.  And I’d love to know if anyone would even be interested in such a thing. 

Want to help?  Make suggestions for cards, and also reblog this!  Thanks a million, and I’ll just go back to that plotbunny for White Collar genderswap crackfic from our last playtest. :-p  (Other fandoms represented so far in play tests: Harry Potter, Criminal Minds, Dresden Files, Doctor Who, Supernatural…a lot of Supernatural, but that’s just because of who’s playing, ha!)

And if you want to stay informed, I guess follow this tumblr or the #squickorsquee tag. It would be awesome to get some playtesters eventually, too!

11/18/12 at 6:41pm
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    This is a fledgling game idea of my friend’s and I think it’s brilliant! Take a look at it, spread the word, help her...